Photographed by Sid Hoeltzell

About Benjamin

Benjamin already has a clear sense of self, a rare and unusual gift indeed. This thoughtful teenager also possesses a quick-witted personality and a firm grip on his goals and aspirations – he’s decided on a career as a Certified Public Accountant.

A techie, too, ask Benjamin about his favorite smartphone and he’ll happily explain in detail why the iPhone is the best (and the practical reasons why a backup phone is necessary). When talking about his friends, he shares that they’re funny and eccentric (kind of like him). Music is also a big part of Benjamin’s life; listening to it provides him with a relaxing outlet. But, because he likes to dance, he’s definitely into pulse-quickening genres like hip-hop.

What’s most impressive about this young man is his strong sense of family. The ideal one would make him “feel at home,” and he’s most looking forward to having a dad.

Benjamin, ID: 5025817