Gregory Reed


Gregory Reed believes in the capacity of the arts to simultaneously “equalize” and celebrate expanding diversity in our society.

“If you go to an art exhibit or a musical event, there are all kinds of people there and they don’t care who’s sitting next to them – there’s a common thread between all.”

With a B.S. in informational technology and an M.F.A. in film, Gregory balances the right-brain pragmatic and left-brain creative worlds and is a teacher in both; he’s taught IT at Florida Technical College and film at American Intercontinental University.

Gregory has volunteered his photography talents to a host of cultural organizations, including New World Symphony, Miami Children’s Chorus, Adrienne Arsht Center and Miramar Cultural Center, as well as to Young Talent Big Dreams, the Miami-Dade talent competition sponsored by The Children’s Trust and Actors’ Playhouse. He also sits on the Broward Cultural Council, a position he uses to encourage more interest and support for the arts – in their many forms.

“Diversity is changing,” he says. “We’re not just black, white, Hispanic or Chinese; diversity stops being just racial. Now it’s different art forms becoming mainstream – puppeteering, glass blowing – there’s an audience for all types of events.”