Photographed by Magovisual

About Gabrielle, Elizabeth

The sisterly bond is strong for Elizabeth and Gabrielle.

Elizabeth looks to her older sister, known affectionately as Gabby, as the “most important thing” to her and as a person who makes her happy. The pair also have 11-year-old twin sisters they are very close with. 

“I love to be with my sisters every day,” says Gabby.

The self-described “sassy one,” Elizabeth likes to sing and wants to be a dancer – or, possibly, a lawyer. Though she certainly has time to decide, Elizabeth knows education is important either way. She likes reading and writing and says getting good grades is one of her goals this year. 

Gabby has also set her sights on doing well in school. But unlike her sibling, Gabby’s favorite subject is math. She aspires to be a veterinarian one day, though she could also see herself as a singer. Her favorite music? Disney movie tunes. No wonder she named Disney World as a favorite place – as did Elizabeth!

Looking toward a future home, Gabby is hoping to “have pets and have a mom and dad,” while Elizabeth wishes for a family that’s “nice, friendly and happy.”


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