Photographed by Gregory Reed

About Jayden

Jayden considers his answers carefully – and when he gives them, it becomes clear why he’s a good student. “There are kids that need parents and they don’t have any parents,” he answers simply, when asked why people should adopt.

Aside from being wise beyond his years, Jayden is well spoken and polite. He is also humble and honest; two traits underscored in his admission about loving sports like basketball – despite not being that great at it.

For fun, he likes playing video games, catching up on sleep and watching television. His affinity for the cartoon Dove Tails, the Space Mountain ride at Disney and board games like Connect Four reveal his appreciation for classic things.

He’s also into hip hop and prefers friends that are nice, funny and honest. After all, it’s how he believes they would describe him.

Jayden said he wants a family that is “nice and is always there for me when I need them the most.”

Jayden, ID: 106598219