Nina Alcantara

Hair Stylist

Nina Alcantara a Trinidadian-born artist who designs hair and makeup. For Nina, makeup and hair artistry is about revealing the most natural essence of one’s beauty. In the appropriate setting, it is also about creativity and self-expression through texture, dimension, color and shape, to form a living, breathing masterpiece of art.

Nina’s natural talents have been sculpted and enhanced through training with Ephraim Hunte, Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste of Pixiwoo, Crystal Wright, Monifa Mortis Five Star Beauty, Bruna Nogueira’s Hollywood Makeup Lab, Lottie Masterclass and currently, Paul Mitchell The School Miami.

Hair and makeup allows Nina to share her unique perspective of beauty, an all-inclusive view fueled by art, culture, color, style and humanity. Giving back and seeing the smiles of those in her chair is the most fulfilling part of her work.

“Art is truly my passion,” says Nina, “and hair-and-makeup is one way that I express what I love to do.”