Rory Lee

Makeup Artist

International makeup artist Rory Lee, CEO and founder of the RoryLee makeup line, is known for her creativity and expertise in working with a diverse clientele. Her work can be seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, PBS, MTV, BET and Lifetime, and she has also worked with NFL films for the Super Bowl and the Miami Heat. Her love of fashion and entertainment ultimately melded with her corporate leadership skills, resulting in the creation of an in-demand company that books freelance hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists across a variety of industries. Rory also serves as a consultant, trainer and educator, and has mentored and supported countless freelancers in developing their own businesses. That same commitment to giving back was the catalyst behind Our Girls Enrichment Program, the 501c3 nonprofit she created to enrich and empower young women through innovative makeup artist and life skills workshops.