Photographed by Janeris Marte

About Tamara

Full of energy and spunk, Tamara is not afraid to speak her mind. But this feisty little lady who laughs often also believes wholeheartedly in respect.

“I help people; I respect people,” she says. “When they ask me to do something, I do it.”

A lover of music and art, Tamara is rapper Cardi B.’s self-proclaimed biggest fan. She also likes fashion, movies, basketball, playing the piano, cheerleading, gymnastics and can do a mean split on demand.

An aspiring lawyer, Tamara thinks she’s bravest when she has the courage to be herself and learn something new. She is also an animal lover who gets joy from spending time with her dog, Canela, which means “cinnamon” in Spanish.

Tamara says her ideal family will be big, full of love, patient and accepting of everything about her.

“If I had one day, my last day to live, I’d spend it all with my family. We’d have fun and go to the beach. We’d eat fish for lunch,” she says.

There is no video available for this child.

Tamara, ID: 100913634