Photographed by Christopher Buchanan

About Tavaris

Tavaris says he’d like to be a veterinarian when he grows up, but, given his mad skills at Lego (if he had all the Lego in the world he’d build a working rocket ship), we think a career in aerospace engineering could be in the cards. When he’s not playing with the colorful building blocks, this self-described happy, fun-to-be-around kid can be found throwing a baseball, reading or practicing his singing and dancing – he’d really like to get better at both.

Reading and math are Tavaris’s best subjects at school, and he’s proud of the fact that he does well at both and also that he’s really, really good at following directions. He loves Batman and Robin, and the pint-size superheroes on Teen Titans Go!, but his real-life heroes are police officers, “because they help people.”

His perfect forever family would take him to New York so he could see snow for the first time, and also cook a lot of spaghetti, because it’s his favorite thing to eat.

“But with cheese, not sauce,” he says.

Tavaris, ID: 10787243