Photographed by Gregory Reed

About Talitha

A self-described playful goofball, Talitha’s favorite subjects at school are reading and math, and she’s very, very proud of making the honor roll. Attending college and possibly playing basketball at Florida A&M University is something the avid athlete is considering. But if she goes pro, it won’t be with the WNBA; Talitha wants to play point guard in the NBA, perhaps for the Golden State Warriors, NBA champions and her favorite team.

“I love basketball,” says Talitha.

If a career as a pro ball player doesn’t happen, Talitha’s ready to step into another uniform, as a police officer. It’ll be a great fit, as she’s dedicated to being helpful in general, and to the elderly in particular.

“My grandma is one of my heroes,” she shares.

Describing her perfect family, Talitha says that she’s hoping for parents she can talk to, that enjoy spending time with her, and that like to go to the movies together. She wants them to know that she’s smart, funny and kind.

“And they also need to know that I really like basketball,” she says.

Talitha, ID: 101990866