Photographed by Junior Gamez

About Steven

Nice, happy and kind are the words Steven uses to describe himself. Perhaps it’s the reason he has so many friends at school – or maybe it’s the mischievous twinkle he gets in his eyes when he talks about how much he enjoys acting silly and making people laugh.

Steven aspires to be great at anything he does. Whether he becomes a security guard or basketball player, he sees honor in hard work. He also enjoys math and team sports like football, soccer and track.

His favorite day includes taking pictures and spending time with the people he loves. If he can do those things at Cici’s Pizza, Golden Corral or Dave and Busters, it would be even better.

Snakes top Steven’s dislikes list, but overall he likes to be “fresh and cool.” He says his best friends Alex and Enzel can tell you just how much.

Steven, ID: 11935965