Photographed by Charles Allan Smith

About Mytravis

Articulate, easygoing and lover of all things outdoors, Mytravis recently learned how to swim. “I’m good at it,” he says, but admits his backstroke could use some work. He’s also good at numbers – math class is his favorite place to be when he’s at school – and he’s especially fond of multiplying and dividing decimals.

“I got all As and Bs on my last report card,” he says proudly.

A fan of the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings, although he’s not much into playing football “unless it’s with my friends,” Mytravis has seen the Miami Heat in action firsthand. It was “awesome,” he reports, especially the pre-game fire display.

New York is somewhere he’d love to visit, preferably when it’s snowing.

“I’ve seen snow before, but I was really little, so I don’t remember it,” he says.

He wants to be a teacher, “or maybe a police officer” when he grows up, in – where else? – New York, and if he had a superpower, it would be flying. Can you guess where he would go?

Mytravis would like to be part of a big family that enjoys talking, traveling, going out to eat and exploring nature. He wants his future family to know that he’s a great student, and that he will always love them.

Mytravis, ID: 101737508