Photographed by Allana Wesley White

About Demetrius

Sweet-natured Demetrius isn’t much for conversation, but that’s because he’d rather be outside playing. While he does enjoy being in school, his favorite subject is P.E., “because I can do fun things there.” He especially enjoys playing team sports, like football. In fact, Demetrius hopes to someday become a pro-football player for his favorite team, “the New York Giants!”

Demetrius also enjoys riding bikes and playing soccer. His favorite food is spaghetti; he admits that he’d eat it every day if he could. Oh, and he absolutely loves dogs. He loves them so much that if he could have any three wishes, he would spend them all wishing for more dogs. There’s no such thing as too many of these furry friends for him!

Demetrius will certainly thrive with understanding, loving parents who will be able to address his language impairments and other special needs, and give him the attention and affection he deserves. In return, they’ll find themselves on the receiving end of an affectionate and enthusiastic lifelong love.

Demetrius, ID: 101300267