Photographed by Howie Sonnenschein

About Charlise

Charlise is sweet, shy and very, very quiet, which is why you’d be floored to find out that she’s an absolute chatterbox at school.

“I’m trying to stop talking so much in class,” she says. “It’s hard!”

But make no mistake – her commitment to learning is rock solid. Charlise loves school and names math, science and reading as her best subjects. She also loves singing and dancing, expressing herself through art and drawing, and sports, especially basketball, which really works up her appetite. Asked what she most likes to eat, she doesn’t hesitate to tick off a long list of nibbles, including pizza, chicken and rice, and crab and shrimp.

“I like to eat,” she giggles.

Charlise also likes to shop, but not just for herself – picking out birthday gifts for other people is something that puts a smile on her face.

This future WNBA player longs to join a family that enjoys basketball, sharing meals and belting out sing-a-longs, and – first and foremost – has as much love for her as she’ll have for them.

Charlise, ID: 102911762