Photographed by Patrick Farrell

About Unique, Urban

Twins Urban and Unique are into all sorts of athletic pursuits.

Urban likes football and soccer, while Unique prefers softball and cheerleading. 

They both enjoy swimming, and they play tag and basketball together.

“She doesn’t know how to play basketball, so I have to teach her,” Urban says.

He has a polite demeanor, which makes him seem almost timid, but at heart he likes to make people laugh. Urban is also a fan of video games and rap music, and he cited “swimming with my friends” as one of the things that makes him most happy. 

His sister is into rap, too, though she also likes R&B. Unique has a glowing smile (one of the traits she says she most loves about herself), and she delights in wearing stylish fashions. 

Although they agree that math is their favorite subject, they can’t agree on who is better at it. 

Loving kids with big hearts, Urban and Unique seek a family with other children in the home and with a shared enthusiasm for outdoor activities.

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