Photographed by Gregory Reed

About Tyriek, Deyja, Jameer, Brian

From shy and reserved to confident and spunky, fun-loving siblings Tyriek, Deyja, Jameer and Brian shine brightly as individuals, but they absolutely dazzle as a group.

Mature and level-headed Tyriek is always mindful of providing a good example to his younger brothers and sister, and – despite his shyness – won’t hesitate to make people laugh. He’s a big sports fan with aspirations of playing professionally in the future.

Although Deyja can claim a bit of her older brother’s bashfulness in common, she is at heart a fireplug who can hold her own as the only girl in the group. She happily helps Tyriek keep an eye on their little brothers and hopes to be a dancer when she grows up.

Jameer is practicality crossed with zaniness. A career as a pro basketball player is on his wish list.

Brian is a people person. He’s very outgoing, loves to have fun and is a natural-born comic. Reading is one of his favorite things to do.

What would mean the most to each of them is a permanent home – together, because that’s when they’re happiest – where there’s plenty of space, laughs and love.

Case Number: 100616034