Photographed by Jorge Parra

About Tyquanda

If she had three wishes, Tyquanda would opt for “meeting Beyoncé, living in a mansion and having a million dollars.” The pop star is an inspiration, says Tyquanda, “because she has this attitude where she doesn’t let anything stop her. I can relate to that.”

The bubbly teenager likes the beach, shopping and math class, and laughs when asked about her favorite thing to do at school: “Talk with my friends!” She’s looking forward to learning how to drive, “But I’m kinda scared to try,” she says.

Tyquanda’s perfect forever family should know that she’s “nice and sweet and I really love helping people out.” She’s hoping her new parents will be “outgoing and like to laugh, like me. And I hope they make me laugh, too.”

Tyquanda, ID: 11391355