Photographed by Crystal Swass

About Tony

Tony might not like haircuts, but he certainly loves people; and his infectious smile makes it hard not to instantly love him back. This inquisitive young man likes art, sports, Legos, traveling and pizza – on which he says you can’t forget the pineapples.

An honor roll student, Tony likes helping with chores like washing dishes, taking out the trash and getting the mail. The pint-sized running back will follow any team that signs his favorite football player, Odell Beckham, so he currently roots for the New York Giants. But despite his affinity for Beckham, he makes it clear that his favorite sport is baseball and oh, yeah – he also loves soccer.

Tony’s dream family will be active, have a dog and live in a big house so he has lots of room to play. He wouldn’t mind having a mom, dad, siblings and a grandmother, but says he’ll be grateful to any family that adopts him.

“I do everything. I want people to say I’m a good kid,” Tony says. “Being adopted means I will have family that really loves me. I can have a family and not be alone.”

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Tony, ID: 12511537