Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Sarah

Quietly confident, Sarah is a typical teenager who loves hanging out with her friends, listening to hip-hop and playing games on her Nintendo Switch.

“My friends would definitely describe me as goofy and a good listener,” she says. They’d likely call her daring, too – she once touched a scorpion “because I felt brave.”

Sarah loves science class, but it’s when she has a sketch pad and pencil in hand that she’s happiest. Attending a fine arts magnet school is a current goal.

“I’d like to be an artist [when I grow up],” says this fledging creative, “or maybe a YouTuber.”

Sarah names Lady Gaga and Cleopatra among her role models, and her favorite place is the beach or a pool. When asked what she’s hoping for in a forever family, Sarah answers plainly and without hesitation.

“I would like a nice family that takes good care of me."

Sarah, ID: 12266411