Photographed by Ron Magill

About Paul

Soft-spoken and laid-back, Paul wants to be a billionaire someday. The fact that science and math are his favorite subjects because they’re easy for him – and his natural tendency to observe what’s happening around him – make that goal seem quite attainable.

For fun, basketball and karate are Paul’s go-tos. He says he’d love to meet Steph Curry – his favorite basketball player – someday.

Paul’s handsome smile widens when he speaks of Christmas; it’s his favorite holiday because he likes playing with things like Legos and Pokémon cards while spending time with loved ones. He also likes making new friends and bringing joy to others.

“I’m a good friend and I do a lot of funny stuff. I’m good at doing things and I make people laugh,” he says.

Paul, ID: 101322663