Photographed by Gregory Reed

About Omari

Omari is bursting with love and energy. Diagnosed with autism, he “doesn’t speak many words but has been learning a lot,” says his foster father. Sure enough, Omari enthusiastically identified the color blue and the numbers three and five during his interview.

Omari’s days are jam-packed with school and occupational therapy classes that are teaching him the basics, like brushing his teeth and using napkins. Despite his challenges, he continues to make progress: He’s gone from saying less than a dozen words to more than 100.

An imaginative child, Omari “can find entertainment in anything,” says his foster father, who notes that a close bond with his future family is imperative because of how the boy communicates. “He can’t tell you what he’s thinking verbally, but he can with his body language. He’s very honest with his expressions.”

To be able to provide Omari the best care possible, his foster father also advises the little boy’s future family to “educate yourselves and stay involved in therapy, groups and educational forums.” He also says the family that does welcome Omari into its home will surely be blessed.

“He’s very playful and affectionate – he’s just a great little boy,” enthuses his foster father. “Anyone who makes the commitment to raise him correctly will have joy.”

Omari, ID: 102169070