Makayla, Daryn, Devanique, Daryl, Devon
Photographed by AJ Shorter

About Makayla, Daryn, Devanique, Daryl, Devon

The turkey on white bread sandwich offered to Daryn for lunch at the Miami Heart Gallery photoshoot was not to his liking. He searched for and found chicken tenders. And the minute he did, little brother Devon’s eyes lit up. He wanted some too. “No way,” said Daryn, only to succumb to his brother’s wishes a couple of seconds later. 
“We take care of each other,” Daryn said, offering an explanation for his generosity.

Watching Daryn, Devon, Makayla, Devanique and Daryl eat lunch, that much is made abundantly clear. Again and again.

The youngest Daryl wanted orange soda, but Makayla, the eldest, knew the sugary drink would get him overexcited. She compromised. She allowed him a couple of sips until he relented. 

“We take care of each other.”

Starting with Makayla and working down, this group of siblings looks out for one another during meals, at school and everything in between. They have a deep love for each other that’s evident minutes after you meet them.

They are all a bit different – Makayla loves to draw, Daryn can be very serious, Devon is a ball of energy and dancing, Devanique is the sassy one, and the youngest, Daryl, the silliest – but their bond is as strong as any you’ll find.

“The family that adopts us has to have patience. They would have to understand us and how our emotions flow,” says Makayla. “To me, love is when someone will be there for you no matter what.”

“We take care of each other.”


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