Keyshundra, Rayne, Ray'Ciyiah, Raymond, Keith
Adoption Pending
Photographed by Katty Cantalamessa

About Keyshundra, Rayne, Ray'Ciyiah, Raymond, Keith

The love and protectiveness siblings Keyshundra, Keith, Rayne, Raymond and Ray’Ciyah have for each other is evident at first glance. Their buoyant personalities make them instantly likable.
Affectionately known as Keysha, Keyshundra is the oldest of the bunch. Boasting a voice as beautiful as her personality, she also likes dancing and cheerleading with her best friend.

Keith is a gamer, visual artist, rapper and history buff who aspires to be an archeologist. As the oldest boy, he describes his siblings as “loving” and has their backs at all times.

The youngest three siblings – Rayne, Raymond and Ray’Ciyah – like playing with their toys and each other at school. 

Rayne and Ray’Ciyah use their hands a lot when they are talking and echo the sentiments of their siblings, while Raymond daydreams sometimes, probably about being a superhero. The others fuss over him to make sure he’s okay. He is the baby after all.

Pizza, the park, puzzles, music and playtime are things they all enjoy. Their ability to maintain optimistic despite the adversities they’ve faced is inspiring.

“Eventually you realize that foster care is good for you. It’s not a bad thing. It’s an importunity to actually help you in life. The way you were before would change for the better,” Keyshundra said.

They are looking for a family that shares their interests, who they can have fun with, and spends a lot of time with them. The most important thing is that they stay together.

“We dance together, we laugh together, we play together, we do everything together,” Keyshundra said.

Case Number: 100691723