Photographed by Aubrey Chandler

About Keith, Sandra

Initially, Sandra and Keith may act like they don’t agree on anything, but don’t believe the hype. This brother and sister duo bring out the best in each other.

What comes across as shyness at first is actually strategy on Keith’s part. It serves him well in his strongest subject math – or in earning allowance money to get his favorite food – pizza. It also helps him protect his little sister, who he describes as full of joy.

“I never see her sad. She’s always happy,” Keith says.

A lover of reading, all things pink and ice cream with sprinkles, Sandra will quickly tell you she’s not doing anything without her brother.

“He always gives me stuff,” Sandra says.

Keith loves basketball, the outdoors and wants to learn to be a great swimmer, while Sandra likes hide and seek, wants a dog and is generous to others.

Together, these special kids will bring joy to any family.

Case Number: 101518437