Photographed by @WilliamGiovanie

About Keith, Sandra

Keith, born on January 2, 2011, and Sandra, born on August 24, 2012, are a remarkable pair of siblings seeking a loving and nurturing forever family. They share a special bond and bring unique qualities to any home fortunate enough to welcome them.

Keith, a typical pre-teen, may initially appear guarded, especially when it comes to interacting with his younger sister. However, once he feels comfortable in his surroundings, his true nature shines through. Keith is affectionate, and loving, and exhibits remarkable intelligence. He excels in math and has a deep passion for basketball. Keith's enthusiasm for the sport extends beyond playing; he also loves learning about it and actively participates in Optimist Basketball programs. As he eagerly awaits entering high school, Keith dreams of showcasing his talents and securing a scholarship to play basketball in college. Despite facing challenges in his young life, Keith's resilience is awe-inspiring, as he continuously motivates himself to overcome obstacles.

Sandra, on the other hand, is a delightful girly girl with a vibrant personality. Her infectious laughter and beautiful smile light up any room. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Sandra is a talented communicator. She takes pleasure in being the center of attention, indulging in having her nails and hair done. Sandra possesses a big heart and readily shares her kindness with others. Although she faces some educational difficulties, Sandra puts forth maximum effort to accomplish tasks within her educational environment. When not exploring the outdoors or spending time with her older brother, whom she greatly admires, Sandra enjoys playing with her dolls.

An ideal family for Keith and Sandra would be one that can provide them with a loving and supportive two-parent home. This family would cherish their individual interests and talents, supporting Keith's academic and athletic aspirations while also assisting Sandra in her educational endeavors and encouraging her future life goals. If the family is unable to adopt both children, they should be open to maintaining a relationship between Keith and Sandra. Regular contact through calls, video chats, face-to-face meetings, and even overnight visits would be essential in fostering and nurturing their sibling bond.

The perfect family would be patient throughout the transition process, providing emotional support to both Keith and Sandra. They would also embrace the children's love for dogs, as Keith is a known dog lover. Openness to adopting both children and possibly having a dog (totally optional but welcomed) would create a loving and fulfilling environment for Keith, Sandra, and their furry companion.

Case Number: 101518437