Jessica, Silvana, Josefina, Isaac
Adoption Pending
Photographed by Janeris Marte

About Jessica, Silvana, Josefina, Isaac

Sweet should not be mistaken for fragile. Any doubt about that will be dispelled the minute you meet Jessica. As the oldest of four, her soft voice clues you into to her sweetness, but it belies the strength that comes out when she talks about protecting her siblings and what she hopes will be the characteristics of a family that adopts her. 

“To be kind, to be lovely, to be friendly, to respect each other, to be happy and to not be mean,” she says of the family that she hopes will take her and her siblings in. 

If Jessica is the steely-eyed independent type, then Silvana is her polar opposite, at least outwardly. Shy and with a smile that sneaks across her face despite her best efforts to hide it, Silvana’s voice is barely a whisper. But once you gain her trust, her sister explains, she is playful and loves to be with her friends. 

Silvana loves going to the park and she likes drawing and coloring and dreams of being an artist. She looks forward to being in a family that helps give her and her siblings structure. 

Josefina, the youngest of the girls, takes a bit from both her older sisters – always with a smile on her face but with what looks to be a million thoughts running through her head. While you can see her sisters in her, it’s her little brother, Isaac, who is the apple of her eye. 

And why wouldn’t he be. Isaac is precocious and playful and just loves to be outside or swimming. Like his older sisters, Isaac loves to smile. 

All of them – Jessica, Silvana, Josefina and Isaac – have smiles that light up any room they are in. We can only imagine what those smiles will be like when they find a forever family. 

Case Number: 101902229