About Jeremiah B

He is a charming African American young man with a passion for exploring new things. Jeremiah proudly identifies as a foodie, willing to try anything (except shrimp due to an allergy) at least once. Despite facing some educational challenges, Jeremiah is dedicated to giving his best effort. He shares a special bond with his twin brother, finding joy in their interactions and shared experiences. Basketball stands out as Jeremiah's favorite sport, and he also indulges in the world of video games. His interests extend to outdoor exploration, and engaging in conversations about current events with peers and older individuals.

Jeremiah is in search of a home that allows him to maintain connections with his twin brother and other extended family members. A family capable of offering support through his teenage years, assisting with educational challenges, and providing unconditional love would be an ideal fit for him.

Jeremiah B, ID: 100891933