Photographed by Aubrey Chandler

About Gabriel, Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Gabriel are brothers with a shared love of music.

“That is one of their favorite things,” says their case manager, Tisha, who has been with them for almost two years. “So we play a lot of music in our home.” 
The two also enjoy playing with their stuffed animals. Gabriel is particularly fond of this one stuffed teddy bear. 

He and his younger brother, Jeremiah, are developmentally delayed, unable to talk or walk. The ideal home for them, according to Tisha, would have “a family that will take care of them” and include other kids so “they can learn how to become more sociable and interact with other children.”

Jeremiah and Gabriel are seeking a forever family that will give them all the attention and affection they need - and, most of all, lots of love, Tisha says, “which doesn’t cost anything.”


Case Number: 101650524