Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Gabriel

Gabriel may be small, but he is also mighty. Bristling with energy and laughter, this always-on-the-go toddler loves cars, kids and cookies, though we’re not quite sure in what order!

“He’s a very personable, social and intelligent little boy,” says his foster mom, Inger. In fact, “people say he’ll be a car salesman when he grows up, but I say no – he’s going to be an engineer and design the cars.”

Developmentally and cognitively delayed, right now Gabriel speaks about 10 words and is learning to walk on his own, but he has the potential to make great strides with a patient and caring family to guide him.

“He’s learning his alphabet and his vocabulary is increasing” continues Inger. “So he can tell us when he’s finished eating and always says ‘bless you!’ when someone sneezes.”

Lots of attention and cuddles are also at the top of Gabriel’s favorite things, and now that he’s learning to walk, he’s exploring like crazy. Love is all this little guy needs to succeed, declares Inger, and in turn his future forever family will be blessed “with a bundle of joy.”

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Gabriel, ID: 104519592