Photographed by Patrick Farrell

About Demetrius

Demetrius might not be the first to volunteer a smile, but his confidence is in heavy supply. The aspiring NBA player describes himself as fast, smart and a good sport.

His dream is to go to Harlem, New York’s Rucker Park and play a one-on-one pick-up game with basketball star Kyrie Irving. He thinks he could take him. 

Aside from his dream of playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Demetrius’ interests include video games and hip-hop. His favorite food is shrimp alfredo pasta and he’s a lover of dogs – pugs to be exact.

If you really want to impress Demetrius, your shoe game better be on point, because in his book “cool shoes” are the way to go. 

Demetrius is appreciative of his friends at school because they help him when he’s having a hard time. He has hope he will find a family that is willing to do the same.

Demetrius, ID: 101300267