Cheyanne, Lena, Briana, Taboris, Milton
Photographed by Janeris Marte

About Cheyanne, Lena, Briana, Taboris, Milton

When Cheyanne, Lena, Briana, Taboris and Milton are near, you know it. At times rambunctious and raucous, this five-strong brood is a high-energy delight.

Cheyanne is the group’s mother hen, keeping a watchful eye over the rest of the kids. She loves spaghetti, sports and reading, and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Sharp-as-a-whip Lena loves school and is a great student who loves the water – she’s hoping to be a swimming instructor one day.

Briana is very proud of the spelling bee she won and wishes she could run as fast as the wind. She wants to be a house parent, a kind and compassionate one like the woman who takes care of her at the group home.

Taboris and Milton are close in age – just 13 months apart – and seem more like twins with their matching curls and impish smiles.

The children have been through a lot and are determined to stay together, as difficult as they know that may be.

“We all should be together and not lose each other, because that’s all we have right now,” says Cheyanne. “Our family.”

Case Number: 100860365