Photographed by @WilliamGiovanie

About Bryce, Matthew

Meet Bryce and Matthew, two amazing children who were raised together as brothers. They have a special bond built on love, trust, and emotional ties. Bryce is an active and social little boy who loves to play, while Matthew is a respectful teenager who enjoys spending time with his cousin and peers. They need a family who can offer them a forever home together, with patience, understanding, and a willingness to adopt two children with an age gap of 10 years. They are looking for a family who can provide them with the love and support they need to thrive and grow together.

Matthew is a gentle giant with a big heart. This respectful teenager loves spending time with his younger cousin and peers, playing video games, watching movies, and riding his scooter. Although he doesn't have a strong interest in sports, he is always up for new adventures. Matthew and his younger cousin have a close bond, and it's important for him to maintain that relationship. He needs a family who can offer him love, support, and understanding, and who will help him continue to grow into the amazing young man he is becoming.

Bryce is an active and funny little boy with a heart of gold. Bryce loves to interact with other children and has a special bond with his older cousin, who he has lived with for the past 5 years. They share an emotional connection and love to visit Chuck-E-Cheese together. Bryce's favorite TV show is Thomas the Train, and he loves to play and have fun. Although he has some developmental delays, Bryce is working hard to improve his focus and follow rules at home and school. He needs a patient and loving family who can provide him with the attention and support he needs to thrive.