Photographed by @williamgiovanie

About Bryan, Luis

Meet Bryan, a 12-year-old Hispanic male diagnosed with Autism and recognized for his extraordinary high functioning. Bryan is initially reserved, taking his time to warm up, but once he does, he becomes affectionate, expressing love through hugs and displaying a sweet demeanor. His interests include playing with dinosaur toys, watching cartoons, and immersing himself in tablet games, particularly enjoying the adventures of the beloved Sonic character. Bryan shares an unbreakable bond with his older brother, Luis, with whom he has never been separated. He relies on Luis for support, guidance, and comfort. Bryan is thriving in a specialized educational program, showcasing commendable progress in his academic pursuits.

Now, let us introduce Luis, a 13-year-old Hispanic male also diagnosed with Autism and displaying exceptional high functioning. Luis is a friendly and affectionate individual, especially towards those close to him. His talkative nature often centers around his favorite animal, the hammerhead shark, a species he once proudly caught while fishing. Luis eagerly anticipates "Shark Week" and has a particular fondness for the movie "Jaws." Engaged in a specialized educational program, Luis excels, particularly in his favorite subject, Science. Beyond academics, Luis enjoys outdoor activities, quality time with his brother, and extended periods of engagement with his favorite tablet game, Roblox. He holds the role of the voice and protector for his younger brother, Bryan.

Together, Luis and Bryan form a unique set of siblings seeking equally unique parents. These children thrive on unconditional love, and they require parents who are patient, loving, nurturing, and possess the ability to think outside the box to engage with their distinctive personalities. The Cuacuas Siblings eagerly await a forever home filled with understanding, support, and boundless love.