Photographed by Samantha Scott

About Britney

Just a few moments spent in Britney’s company and you know you’re in the presence of someone very special.

Self-composed, compassionate and kind, this pragmatic teenager already recognizes the value of looking at the past as a series of lessons learned and using that knowledge to move forward in a positive light.

“I’m not interested in negativity,” says Britney simply and with a shrug. That she lists Barack Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr., as role models is no surprise.

A fantastic student who names math and science as her favorite subjects (“I love getting good grades, so I study a lot"), a future as a physical therapist is on Britney’s list of long-term goals.

“Helping people is important to me.”

Outside of academics, Britney enjoys watching sports – “even though I don’t play” – and watching TV, going to the beach, and listening to rap and R&B music are other ways she likes to pass the time. As for the kind of life she’s searching for, it includes a loving, respectful home she can share with her new family, and hopefully a guinea pig, too, “because they’re cute and round and fluffy.”

Britney, ID: 101265905