Photographed by Steve Weiss

About Brianna

Brianna may be a girl of few words, but her sweet smile, twinkling eyes and hearty laughter clearly communicate joy in any language. Despite having several disabilities including cerebral palsy, Mary, her case manager, says Brianna is happy all the time.

“Brianna is a wonderful, special child. She smiles a lot, and she loves to hug once she gets familiar with you,” says Mary.

A lover of music who can hum the melody of songs after hearing them just once or twice, Brianna also likes traveling, dancing and playing outside. She’s really good at imitating sounds and endearingly holds hands with the people she loves.

Mary says Brianna is sensitive, affectionate and needs a family with patience and understanding. She recommends Brianna be the youngest child in the family, so she can get the special attention she needs.

“She needs someone who’s going to take their time to get to know her and do the things she likes to do,” says Mary. “Give her love, she’ll give it back to you.”

Brianna, ID: 101677127