Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Berry

With a sweet, dimpled smile and a mischievous, musical laugh that he readily shares with others, Berry’s about as charming a little guy as you’d ever hope to meet. Owner of a wildly creative imagination, Berry’s thoughts often run to “shark-dolphins” that squeak but never, ever bite, and lions (“I like to run with them!”) whose ferocious roars he’s apt to mimic.

A recent trip to Disney World made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation netted a personal introduction to another frequent topic of conversation, Mickey Mouse, though if Berry had to pick a favorite between the Disney mascot and Superman he’d have to call it a draw.

Ask him what he likes to eat and Berry will yell out an enthusiastic “Breakfast!” (grits are his favorite), and he loves to jump on a tricycle and feel the wind on his face as he flies down the road. That and drawing are his preferred activities at school.

With a little boy so curious, talkative and fun-loving, Berry’s future forever family is guaranteed to be on the receiving end of lots of love and affection – and giggly roars!

Berry, ID: 102656595