A'shola, Kasey, Kordell
Adoption Pending
Photographed by Gregory Reed

About A'shola, Kasey, Kordell

A’Shola, Kasey and Kordell are an exuberant, chatty bunch, quick to start a conversation and excitedly point out and share whatever catches their collective eye. Friendly and engaging, these three little charmers are inextricably connected and take obvious great delight in spending time together.

A whirlwind of energy, big sister A’Shola has a sunny, gap-toothed smile and names English, science, math and reading as her favorite subjects at school. And, she says, “I love to dance and sing and do art!”

Twins Kasey and Kordell can’t help but giggle whenever they are in each other’s orbit, and enthusiastically talk over one another in a rush to get their thoughts out.

Kasey loves rice and beans, recess and Legos. He wants to be a therapist when he grows up, but right now he just wishes he were a better dancer and singer.

Kordell is a self-described “funny, smart and handsome” boy who is proud of learning how to do his homework and who likes to play baseball. He wants potential new parents to know that he’s being good, and he likes to eat pie.

“If you’re a loving, active family, then these children would be perfect for you,” says Melinda, the children’s case manager. “They’re full of joy and they love being around each other.”

“I want us to be together,” says A’Shola. “I want us to stay a family.”

Case Number: 104942