Photographed by Aubrey Chandler

About Anna, Ella

Twins Anna and Ella are totally in sync - answering most questions simultaneously and agreeing with each other’s statements.
How old are you? “Eleven,” they both exclaim.

Who’s the better student? “Both of us.”

Traits to look for in a friend? “Funny.” “Smart.” “Gets straight A’s.”

As Anna answers one question, you can hear Ella saying: “Me too, same thing.”

The girls like to hang out together and play games such as Connect Four, Twister and Mancala. They are also into sports, including basketball, tennis, soccer and swimming. Their wide-ranging interests extend to possible professions, too, with the twins naming everything from being a doctor or nurse to a firefighter, veterinarian, beautician or teacher.

“My sister is funny, smart, pretty, cute,” says Anna.

“My sister is funny, serious, kind, loving, nice,” Ella chimes in.

The girls also have two older sisters and are big into family. Their hope is for a loving home, with people who are nice and good (according to Ella) and fun and protective (according to Anna). A family that likes hugging, Anna says, is also a plus.


Case Number: 101058108