Photographed by Howie Sonnenschein

About Alicia

Soft-spoken but confident, Alicia is full of humility and pretty comfortable in her own skin. Though she laughingly describes herself as a “weirdo,” she’s really not much different from many girls her age. Alicia enjoys fashion, makeup, getting her hair done, music and movies. The tech-savvy student also loves soccer, video games, surfing the internet and computers. In fact, she says her perfect day would be spent in an iPad store.

Initially home-schooled, Alicia thinks regular school is “very fun.” Her favorite subjects are reading and math, and she’s proud of passing all of her classes. Full of compassion, she wants to grow up to become a nurse or a teacher. “Even though I’m still a kid,” she says, “I like helping other kids.”

Alicia would love to have a big family that includes grandparents and has pets, but she says she will be grateful for any loving family that adopts her.

There is no video available for this child.

Alicia, ID: 103055981