Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Adrian

Adrian is a boisterous little chatterbox who’s constantly on the go. He loves swimming, ball pits and watching cartoons, but his favorite thing to do is play with his toy trucks. 

“He’s a very sweet and lovable child,” says his caseworker, Valerie. “He has a great big heart and gets attached – to other children and to his caregivers – very quickly.”

Adrian has Down syndrome, which has delayed his speech, but he’s working hard on improving his verbal fluency. 

“He can say words like yes, no and water, and he understands English, Spanish and Creole,” marvels Valerie. He’s not at full sentences yet, but if he continues with his speech therapies he’s sure to get there. 

What would Adrian’s perfect forever family look like? One with the patience and devotion he and his special needs require. 

“He takes a lot of time,” says Valerie, “but there are already supports in place for him and for whatever family he joins.” 

Adrian, ID: 103870129